Micro-controller based system.

Optical isolation for input / output

14 pulse input counters 1 to 10Hz

8 Open Collector outputs to connect 8 relays

Serial communication on RS485 with MODBUS RTU protocol.

Ideal for Counter Applications.

Standard DIN rail mounting ABS molded



FALCON148 is blind unit with RS485 connectivity which is best suitable for SCADA, Counting applications. This module can also be used as slave module with PLC.

FALCON 148 module is optically isolated inputs, accepts potential free contact signals. This module can be used as a Production Counter, Revolution Counter, Fault Counter, Bottle Filling Counter, Digital Batch Counter, sensing level switches, proximity switches, door switches, alarm/ trip conditions in Panel, pump/ motor status, equipment status etc.

FALCON148 module is optically isolated open collector outputs to drive external Relay module. These outputs can be used to perform supervisory control actions like giving alarms, operating valves, switching ON/OFF pumps/ motors etc.

This module uses MODBUS RTU protocol for serial communication. RS485 serial port is provided to make the module suitable for multidropping application.

DIP switch is provided for ID and baud rate settings used for serial communication. There are 4 LED indications for System OK, Power and Serial communication Status which helps for correct diagnostics of the operation.

DIN Rail mounting makes it easy to be fitted in panel. Module operates on 230 V AC supply.

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