Ruggedised, State-of-the-art

Micro-controller based compact design.

Dual functionality flow rate indication / 8 digit flow

totalizing and Batch Counter mode.

User configurable flow rate range.

Field settable flow totalizing rate.

Relay output on flow rate or totalizer setpoint.

24VDC 100 mA Excitation Supply for external use.

Retransmission output .

Serial communication port with MODBUS protocol -Optional.

Flameproof enclosure - Optional.


Flow Indicator Totalizer model FIT (48*96) is a panel mounted instrument with multi-functionality viz. Flow Rate Indication, Flow Totalizing, batch counter & alarm for instanteous flow. It accepts mA signal, linear/ square root, proportional to flow rate from flow transmitter. Flow Transmitter can be DPT with orifice assembly, Rota meter, Magnetic Flow meter etc. with output of 4-20 mA.

FIT (48*96) displays instantaneous flow rate and totalizer range can be configured as required even at site. Totalizer can be reset manually or remotely as optional. The unit incorporates one relay operating on flow rate or totalizer set point which can be used for control or hooter applications.

Power supply for external transmitter (24 VDC @ 100 mA) is a standard feature. It eliminates need of separate power supply to power the transmitter. For batch counting batch count can be set. when flow total equals preset count, system gives a contact output. It can be used for control operations like dosing, stoppage etc.

FIT (48*96) also provides linear 4-20 mA true retransmission signal for other panel mounted instruments like recorders, controllers etc.

Serial connectivity on RS485 port with MODBUS RTU hooter applications. protocol.

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