Gateway-Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP converter-Translator


Ruggedised, State-of-the-art
Micro-controller based system

User selectable baud rate & station ID for MODBUS RTU slave on DIP switch.

LED Indications for master and slave operations for easy diagnosis.

Read/write all MODBUS slave register from master.

On request Slave side Modbus TCP and Master side Modbus RTU can be supplied.


The TRANSLATOR is a Ethernet (PC LAN side Master ) to RS232 or RS485 (RTU side - Slave) protocol converter converts MODBUS TCP-IP protocol to MODBUS RTU protocol.

MASTER side is Ethernet (PC LAN side). (TCP-IP protocol).

SLAVE side RS232 or RS485 (2 wire). (MODBUS RTU protocol).

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