Flow Indicator Totaliser

A Flow Indicator Totaliser (Totalizer) is a device that measures electrical signal from a flow sensing device flow sensor/ flow meter. This electrical signal can be 4-20mA or 12VDC / 24VDC pulse type. A Flow Indicator Totaliser(Totalizer) scales this signal in terms of M^3/ Hr, Kltr/ Hr, Kg/Hr etc. and displays it. This is instantaneous flow rate. The Flow Indicator Totaliser (Totalizer) integrates it to calculate cumulative flow.

Now-a-days most of the Flow Indicator Totaliser (Totalizer) are microcontroller based. They have facilities of serial communication to connect to SCADA/ PLC/ DCS, relay output based of Flowrate or totaliser, totaliser reset, retransmission of flowrate signal to other devices. Flow totalisers / totalizers accept signal from various types of flowmeters like ultrasonic, electromagnetic, differential pressure transmitter on orifice plate, turbine type etc.

Flow totalisers / totalizers are mostly used in Chemical and process industries, public water distribution system, effluent treatment plants, petrol pumps etc.

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FIT - 96x96mm Front Bezel with pulse input
FIT - 48x96mm Front Bezel with mA input
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