Caustic Recovery Plant
Application:- Mercerisers for Textile Mills generate dilute caustic liquor, which if drained to effluent treatment plant, will create considerable problems in meeting the environmental standards. caustic recovery system / caustic soda recovery plant by concentrating wash liquor and using the same back in Merceriser is the only feasible solution.

Solution:- Scan Electronic Systems provides Data Acquisition System with its Temperature scanner - Falcon1600, Flow totaliser - FIT, Digital Process Controller - DPC965M, Digital IO module - DIDO24 and Monitoring & Recording Software - Falcon Smart Process Recorder.
Utility to Client:-
a) Plant can be monitored and run by one person, man power saving.
b) Plant performance is recorded and can be used analyse and improve performance.
c) Quantity of caustic recovered and thus cost saved by the company.

  Utility Parameters Monitoring
Application:- In most manufacturing plants there are utility equipments like Boiler, Chiller, Air Compressor and Electrical substation with DG set. These equipments are essential for running the plant. Effective and efficient running of these equipments ensures better performance of the complete manufacturing unit.

Solution:-Scan Electronic Systems provides system to monitor parameters of these equipments with daily reports and graphs, alarms.
Utility to Client:-
1. Monitoring consumption of Power, steam and processed / conditioned water.
2. Analyse and fine tune utility equipments to improve performance.
3. Plan preventive maintenance of equipments.

  Cleanroom Monitoring System
Application:-In pharmaceutical industries, environment in manufacturing areas is controlled so as to provide dust free, cool and optimum humidity conditions. This is essential to manufacture consistently high quality medicines.

Solution:- Scan Electronic Systems provides smart indicators to monitor temperature, humidity and differential pressure in clean rooms. These devices are connected to centralized Monitoring and Recording software to provide online values, alarms, reports and graphs.
Utility to Client:-
Different areas in a plant are centrally monitored with facility to get alarms when a parameter in any area
deviates from its limits. Recorded data helps in confirming that the environment in manufacturing area is
always within acceptable limits.

  Pump Calibration & Testing System
Application:-Manufactured PUMP is to be tested for its efficiency and other parameters. This could be a batch test or regular production QC test for the pumps.

Solution:- SCAN developed a unique test setup including various Digital indicators / Converters to measure different parameters of pump testing such as Flow / Line pressure / Motor Speed / Electrical energy consumed etc. Remote controlled valves operating on mA signal are controlled by this system to achieve required Flow. System can be run in MANUAL or AUTO mode.
Test report is generated in EXCEL format for further analysis of pump characteristics.
Utility to Client:-
Reduces man hours in testing and records correct readings with accuracy.
Automatic report generation helps to analyse pump immediately.
Can be used in routine production testing to have 100% QC checks.