Ruggedised, field proven performance with complete design flexibility.

Multiple options for types of Input & Output.

Single / Multichannel output.

1.5kV peak isolation between i/p and o/p as well as between outputs.

Multiple functions - signal conversion, signal isolation, signal repeator.

Loop powered version available


Signal Isolator model PC-ISO is a highly reliable, accurate input-output isolator with fully flexibledesign approach. PC-ISO accepts AC/DC voltage .or, AC/DC currents as input and provide output in form of DC current or voltage in any specified range (standard range is 4-20mA).

Rugged electronics of PC-ISO Signal Isolator provides galvanic and optical isolation of 1.5 kV which is 3 to 4 times higher than conventional isolators. The isolation is provided between input and output and between outputs in case of multioutput versions.

PC-ISO is available in 1 input- 1 output to 1 inputaccurate input-output isolator with fully flexible 4 output configurations. Transmitter power supply of 24VDC, 30mA is available as an option. Thus in case of loop powered transmitters, need of separate power supply pack is eliminated.

PC-ISO is also available in loop powered version. Loop powered isolator extracts power from loop and provides 4-20mA signal. Unit is ideal to save wiring costs.

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